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Ludwig Drum Company History

Welcome to the Ludwig Drums History section of the web site. From here you should be able to gather information to determine what Ludwig Drums you have and what year they were made.

What you might not know if you are new to vintage drums is that manufactureres did not keep accurate records and inventory control was not part of the daily operations of drum making. One day a box of drum badges could turn up or in many cases new serial number badges were put on top of older serial number badges making it difficult for us today to know exactly when the drum was made.

Regardless, there are three different Ludwig Serial Number dating guides, drum badge dating guides and all sorts of Ludwig History. Just follow the links below

This web site is connected to a large drum forum related to vintage drums where you could do even more research and or become a member to ask qeustions and learn from people that have been collecting for many years. The Vintage Drum Forum can be found by clicking here.

Here are links to the different Ludwig Drum Company History sections on this web site that will help you pin point the year and type of Ludwig drums you have. I would probably start in the *Ludwig Drum Set Catalog Pages and the *Ludwig Snare Drum Catalog Pages since these cover many years of Ludwig History.


Ludwig Drum Finishes (From the back of catalogs)
Ludwig Badges  
Ludwig Snare Drums (from around the Internet)
Ludwig Drum Sets (Catalog Pages)*
Ludwig Snare Drums (Catalog Pages)*
Ludwig Snare Drum Hardware  
Ludwig Serial Numbers 3 different version
Ludwig Rockers Special Rockers Section
Ludwig Jazzette Special Jazzette Section
Ludwig Logos Used on literature
Ludwig Interior Paint Shell Timeline - Paint Type
Ludwig Company Timeline Visual Timeline
Ludwig Vistalite Flyers and Catalog Pages
Ludwig Black Beauty Snare Drum 1977-2000 Black Beauty Timeline
Ludwig Supraphonic Snare Drums 1959-1994
Ludwig Standard Drums History and Timeline for Standards
Ludwig Acrolite Snare Drum Catalog Timeline
Ludwig Jazz Fest Snare Drum Catalog Timeline
Letters at the end of his life Theobald Ludwig



This web site is dedicated to the history of vintage drums.

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