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Here is a collection of pages in many stages of progress. Some are complete and some were just thoughts and
I attempted to get them started. It gives me a place to check back and hopefully fill in the bits and pieces. As always I'm always looking for help!

Drum Brush History

This was a paper that I wrote in college about the history of the drum brush. It was originally invented as a way to kill flies!
This started when I was getting emails about drum companies that little info was available online. This is work in progress for sure and I will get to working on it some day.

Roy worked for Pearl and has some really good behind the scenes stories. He is retired and wanted to share his experience with VSD.

This page was started to document the Slingerland Radio King Snare Drum. It needs a lot of work, but their is some interesting reading. You will also see some comments on my work and what I need to fill in.
This page has a selection of different types of shell engravings, rim stamps, and other unique shell artwork to make it unique. Whenever I find something online I add it to this section.

Vintage stuff from Ebay

This was just a page to show some old shirts, hats and other articles of clothing that are cool to look at.
This section was started so I can add images of the many records, items, flyers, etc.. that I have of these three drummers. It was never an attempt to be more then that.
This was a project I always wanted to do and that was refinish a snare drum. Once I had the drum I contacted Precision Drum Co. They donated the finish and Unexpectedly also made me a custom snare. Truly a nice group of people. I continue to help them any way I can.

How to ship drums

Started, but never finished
Kind of goofy but I started it.
Basic info and technique
Not done yet
Maybe when I retire!
Small article on strainer repair
Patents about drums
Ludwig, Gretsch, Rogers
Slingerland Interior Paint
What is NOS?
A project for the company
Basic Drum Head History

This web site is dedicated to the history of vintage drums.

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