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List of Vintage drum related abbreviations

If you want to learn how to measure a drum click here

Black Diamond Pearl
Ludwig Blue and Olive Badge
Nickel Over Brass
Chrome Over Steel
Chrome Over Brass
Chrome over Fiberglass
Chrome Over Wood
Two Tone Paint ( Dooh - Koh)
Ludwig & Ludwig
Not a single scratch or mark (Factory new)
New Old Stock (Old but never used)
Oyster Black Pearl
Stainless Steel
William F Ludwig Drum Company
White Marine Pearl

List of the different drum parts and commonly used buzz words.

For some larger pictorals and pictures of different drums and parts then go to the hardware section of this web site. Click Here

Strainer, Throw Off, Throw - Switch.
This is the mechanism that raises and lowers the snare wires.
Snare Wires
These are on the bottom of the drum and make the snare sound. Image 6
Butt Side
This is opposite of the strainer on the drum and holds the snare wires with string, tape or directly with screws
Hoops, Rims
These are usually called the top hoop, or batter hoop for the top. Bottom hoop or snare side hoop for the bottom side. For a more detailed explanation of hoops, Click Here
Lugs, Tension Casings, Casings, Nut-Boxes
These are on the side of the drum and can be a variety of shapes and sizes. Depending on the manufacturer they might have special names that the vintage community has labeled them. Some example names, Sound King Lugs, Cigar Lugs, Tuxedo Lugs, Tube Lugs, Classic Lugs, Imperial Lugs, Bow Tie Lugs etc. See Image 1 for a detailed pictorial of the internal parts.
Tension Rods - Lug Screws
These are what hold the drum head on and tension the hoops down to tune the drum. Image 1 On Bass Drums they are commonly called T-Rods because of the T-Shape.
Tension Rod Washers
These are on most drums and are on the tension rods and are just a washer that sits between the hoop and the tension rod. Image 1
Tone Control, Dampener - Muffler, Mute
These are not on all drums. The usually have a handle or knob on the outside and a felt system that pushes against the underside of the top head. Image 2
This is the identification of the drum. They are a variety of shapes and sizes and say the company name. Click here for a large set of examples of badges
Badge Grommet
This is the piece that holds the badge to the drum. Image 5
This is either wood or metal and is the main body of the drum itself that all of the above components connect to it. .Image 4
Shell Ply
Wood drums were originally one piece of bent would commonly referred to as single ply to as many as 20 or more ply's of wood glued or bonded together. Commonly used buzz words are 3-ply or 5-ply shells etc..Image 4
Reinforcement Ring
On wood shells there is a strip of wood at the top and bottom edge on the inside of the shell to support the shell. Image 3
Bearing Edge
This is the edge of the shell that the head sits on. They can range from rounded to very precise angles and contours. Image 4
Date Stamp
In some cases manufacturers used to stamp the inside of shells with a date. Image 3
Drum Heads
These can be called different things, so the top head can also be called the batter head and the bottom head can be called snare side head or resonant head for toms and bass drums.


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