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Welcome to the Duplex Drum Page. This is where I have the Duplex Drum Company History that is in my collection. If you have any history you want to contribute about the Duplex Drum Company then please send it to me.

– source - Transcribed by forum member 510

Duplex Drum Go. Plans Big Sales Campaign Old St. Louis Drum House Renews National Advertising Campaign—Introduced Separate Tension Drum

ST. LOUIS, MO., January 18.—Ambitious plans for furthering the sale of Duplex drum products among the music dealers throughout the United States are announced by the Duplex Mfg. Co., 2815 Henrietta street. This company has been manufacturing the Duplex drum since 1883, and Emil Boulanger, founder of the company, introduced the separate tension drum in that year. This type of drum is now generally used wherever snare drums are played. Under the management of Mr. Boulanger, the company prospered and the sale of Duplex drums steadily increased year by year. The separate tension type of drum greatly increased the popularity of drums and drumming, and for years it was impossible to keep up with the demand for Duplex drums.

Mr. Boulanger died in 1910 and the business passed into the hands of his estate. J. A. Meyer, the present head of the company, who had joined Mr. Boulanger in 1893, was in charge of the factory and the quality of the product was maintained, but under the new management the advertising and sales effort was allowed to relax, with the result that Duplex drums lost much of their pre-eminence in the music stores. Mr. Meyer became proprietor of the business in 1919, and since that time he has been laboring steadily to achieve the new prestige of the Duplex name.

National advertising has been renewed and modern catalogs and sales material issued, Mr. Meyer having the able assistance of his son in this department. Reports from dealers in all parts of the country indicate that the Duplex drum products are rapidly coming to the fore in all sections. The Duplex Mfg. Co. is now making nine types of snare drums, five types of bass drums, including bass drums with oil-painted heads and using the blinker lighting systems, two trap drum outfits, patented drum and cymbal beaters, pedals, patented thumbscrew bass drum rod, patented snare strainer and muffler and various traps and accessories. In addition, the Duplex Mfg. Co. catalogs Leedy tympani, Deagan marimbas and xylophones and Ajahi cymbals.

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