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Yellow White Marine Pearl



How do I get my yellowed WMP drums back to looking like they originally were?


It is ok that your drums have yellowed! This is just a fact of life when dealing with vintage drums. This gives the drums character!

Have you asked yourself why many new wrap companies make a vintage WMP that has an aged look to it? Because it is still cool!

With that said the yellow is part of the finish. It is all the way through in many cases. You can with some polishing take off dirt, residue, grime and nicotine to make them look better and even shiny, but they will still look yellowed.

So if you can't stand it still, then sell them to someone that can! Don't take off the finish and re-do them in new WMP, they will not have the same vibe/character and will look out of place.

You might also read online about more drastic techniques to remove some of the yellow and it is not recommended by many people and can cause damage if not done correctly.

So in the end, clean them up and enjoy them just the way they are!







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