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20th Century Fred Gretsch Manufacturing Company Badge - 1920's
WWI Badge from a field snare drum
Pre - early 20's on a marching snare drum
Gretsch 1920's to 1960's round badge
Gretsch 1960's Round Badge until 1970 witha different tack
Gretsch 1960's Round Badge until 1970
Gretsch Stop Sign Badge 1970's
Limited edition badge from the 70's
Gretsch 1980's Centennial Badge
  These are from the Steve Maxwell Collection. Steve is an authourity on Gladstone and Gretsch Drums.
From the 30's 40's on a two way Gladstone Snare
Max Roach Name plate on a 4x14 Round Badge Max Roach Model Snare

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