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Catalog Shots and Literature for Ludwig Jazzette Drums

1967-1 Catalog 1971 Catalog
1973 Catalog 1975 Catalog
1980 Catalog 1984 Catalog - 20" bass drum instead.



Nothing in the 1981, 1982 and 1983, catalog. The focus was larger drum sets and larger drums.

The 81' and 82' catalogs do not even show an 18" bass drum as an option.

This ad was in the Spring 1967 Ludwig Drummer Magazine: Ludwig Jazzette


Scans courtesy mlvibes

Examples from drummers on the Internet.

1971 Ludwig Jazzette Sky Blue Pearl


1969 Ludwig Jazzette Red Sparkle


Owned by: Vincent Racaniello



1967 Ludwig Jazzette BeBop Blue Sparkle





7-14-2008 Sold on Ebay - The new owner can contact me for his name credit and send a new photo.




Owner:Bob Levey



Owner:Gary (gwm)



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