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"The Ludwig Acrolite Snare Drum"

This is a page from the Spring of 1962 Ludwig Drummer Magazine with the announcememnt of the NEW Acrolite Snare Drum!

This is a flyer from the 1962 Ludwig Catalog.


The Ludwig Acrolite in the 1963 New Product Catalog

The Ludwig Acrolite is new in the 1963/64 Catalog!

1966-67 Ludwig Catalog

1971 Ludwig Catalog

1973-74 Ludwig Catalog

1975 Ludwig Catalog

1980 Ludwig Catalog


1984-85 Ludwig Catalog
The Acrolite gets the new powder coating to the aluminum shell.

1989 Ludwig Catalog

1991 and 1992 Mentions the Acrolite, but no photo of it.

1993/1994 Ludwig Catalog. This drum is called the "Blackrolite" by most vintage collectors.
Ludwig goes to the black powder coating and the Black and White Badge


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