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This was from a 1912 Nickel Plated Ludwig & Ludwig Snare drum. (Photo courtesy Harold Lee Yen).(This badges was behind the strainer)
Very early decal on a Ludwig & Ludwig Marching snare drum. Early 1900's. The image shows the earliest of Ludwig Snare drums and the badge above. (Courtesy Adrian Kirchler)
Rim Stamp from a 1900's Snare Drum
This is the Universal Model stamp on the rim 1920's
Universal Badge from a marching snare drum 1930's
Ludwig and Ludwig Drum Company
This is a wood burn on an internal rienforcement ring.
Not sure where I got this badge!
Stamped oval badge from the early 1920's (Courtesy Tazzie)
1927 - 1930 Ludwigold-Ludwig & Ludwig badge. All brass
Stipel Gold Badge 1926
1930's Ludwig & Ludwig White & Silver badge (also called Enamel badge)
Pioneer Model Snare Badge 1930's
1940's oval Elkhart Indiana Badge
The WFL Drum Company
WFL Lyre Badge 1937
WFL Keystone Badge with the words Wm. F Ludwig President around vent hole. Photo Courtesy: Ed Mileti
WFL Keystone Badge with the words Wm. F Ludwig President 1930's
Aluminum badge from the 40's. Courtesy of Alan
Paper tag on a set of bongo drums
Same badge as below, but it was installed on a drum with an aluminum grommet.
WFL aluminum with sticky back drum badge. I would consider this the hardest to find badge since it was a peel and stick transition badge. It was probably used just at the beginning of the war until the one below was put in production. 1940's
Courtesy Vintage Drum Center
I can't confirm the color on this one, but it is from the same era as the two before it. It could just be a yellowed aluminum badge.
Aluminum WFL Keystone Badge. 1940's
1955-1959 WFL Keystone Badge (no serial number)
1948-1952 WFL Keystone Badge (no serial number)
The Leedy & Ludwig Drum Company
Leedy & Ludwig Badge 1951-1955
  The Ludwig Drum Company
1958-1959 Ludwig Keystone Transition badge. These badges have been found on drums from the 1960's. There is no exact date of when they stopped and switched to the next badge - there are cross-over drums.
These were on drum cases, and were never on drums.
Pre-serial Number Keystone Badge Early 1960 - 1963
Mid 60's Keystone Badge
1968 - 1982 lower level drums. The serial number guides do not work on these badges
Not sure of the year, but I would guess close to the badge above it
This badge was on lower level vistalite shells and lower level drums
Blue and Olive Cut Badge - First in the line and was cut to fit on Drums with the center bead. (Supraphonics with this badge have shown up and they have been brass shells) (courtesy Classic Vintage Drums)
Started in 1969 and carried into the late 70's Blue and Olive Badge.
In 1971-‘72 Ludwig also used B & O Badges without Serial Numbers (LVDC) (badge courtesy: O-lugs)
Blue and Olive Cut Badge with rounded corners. This was on a Black Beauty Snare Drum from the late 70's
Started using this late 70's (1979) due to complaintes from the pointy badges above getting caught on things and bending.
(courtesy forum memeber O-Lugs)
An earlier pointy version.
No box around serial number
1984 through the 90's Ludwig Rockers Drums
1990's Ludwig Rockers
This was a transition badge and you will see it with and without a serial number it is prior to and during the move to Monroe. This badge was covered by the hoop and normally is not cut on the top. It was on a 1985 snare drum.
Mid 1980's to present Ludwig Keystone Badge. The serial numbers on these badges do not work on any serial number guides.

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