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The Ludwig Jazz Fest Snare Drum

I started this page because of the questions I get emailed to the web site. Plus you see drums described as the Jazz Festival when in fact they are technically not.

So here is a timeline of the 8 lug snare drums that were in the 5 1/2" depth and the p-83 strainer.

In 1955 the drum was called "Swingster Dance Model"
In 1957 The drum was called the "Barrett Deems Model"

The Jazz Festival Model appears in the 1959/60 catalog with a 5" shell. The copy notes "an affective simplified throw-off". The drum went to a 5" shell but we find a lot of true Jazz Festival snare drums with a 5 1/2" shell. It makes clear sense that Ludwig was using up shells to make these new drums.

The Ludwig Jazz Festival Model Snare Drum

And now the P-83 Strainer 1959

1962 Ludwig Catalog


1964 Ludwig Catalog

1966/67 Ludwig Catalog

The Jazz Festival gets the new P-85 Strainer


1970/71 Ludwig Catalog

In the 1973/74 Catalog the drum stops showing up in catalogs.



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