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A little history from Ken...

(From the Field Drums website)

According to "American Military Goods Dealers and Makers, 1785-1915" (p.
13), Porter Blanchard of Concord, New Hampshire, was born in 1788 in
Amherst and was a cabinet maker from 1809 until his death in 1871 (he
would have been 83 years of age at death). "Along with furniture he made
churns and military drums. His sons continued the churn business thru the
1890's. The surviving drums date from the Civil War era. In 1864 he is
listed as drum & churn maker h 211 Main along with sons, Chas. P. and
Thomas. In 1849 the 'New England Mercantile Union Directory' shows
Blanchard under 'drums' indicating a business in this type of manufacture
at an earlier date. A label in a drum in NH Hist. Soc. collections shows
bass & tenor drums, ebony sticks, B & C fifes manufactured by Porter
Blanchard, Concord, NH."

(And, from the United States Census bureau...)

PORTER-6 BLANCHARD (Augustus-5, Joseph-4, Joseph-3, John-2, Joseph-1) b
16 Aug 1788, d. at Concord NH 25 May 1871; m. 4 Nov 1810 to Anne Souther
Stickney, dau of John & Mary (Souther) Stickney. She b. 9 Feb 1791. They
resided at Concord NH. Abt 1835 he donated $25 for the building of an
Academy in Concord NH; According to the history of Concord NH: "The
Blanchard Churn was long one of the sterling products of Concord's
industry, and for many years it occupied a foremost place among the dairy
instruments of this, as well as foreign countries. The making of churns
began in 1818 by Porter Blanchard, and continued by him and his sons,
Charles P. and George A. Blanchard, for more than seventy years. The last
factory was in the brick building in the rear of Stickney's new block. In
connection with this business the elder Mr. Blanchard made drums.
Thousands of churns were manufactured in Concord [NH]." From the history
of Concord NH: "At the Centennial of the Nation held 4 July 1876,
businesses in Concord NH participated in the parade, including "Porter
Blanchard's Sons, one wagon loaded with churns and decorated with flags
and mottoes." Also from the same source, "Dr. Timothy Haynes and Dr.
George H. Taylor, who championed the "Water Cure" purchased the house of
Porter Blanchard at the northwest corner of Main and Centre Streets in
Concord NH, and fitted it up for the accomodation of patients. Afterwards
this building was used as a hotel known as the Commercial House, and even
later enlarged by an additional story."
1840 US Census of Concord NH
Porter Blanchard
- - - 1 2 1 - 1 //- - 2 - 2 - 1
One Male age 15-20
Two males age 20-30
One Male age 30-40
One Male age 50-60
Two Females age 10-15
Two Females age 20-30
One Female Age 50-60
1864 Concord City Directory
Blanchard, Charles P., with P. Blanchard, 211 Main st.
Blanchard, Porter, drum and churn maker, h. 211 Main
Blanchard, Thomas S., with P. Blanchard, h. 45 Center
Blanchard, Geo. S., student at law--b S. Blanchard

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