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Please do not take these images off of this web site, I own the original negative. Thanks

This is one photo from a photo shoot of Buddy Rich and the Slingerland Buddy Rich Drum Set for the Slingerland 1968 catalog. The shoot is about 6 pictures of Buddy Rich in different poses. Buddy was having fun at the shoot which you can see by his big smile! I have another shot that I just have to say is absolutely hilarious and I will eventually post a picture. My intention is to share this with everyone.
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This is a Leedy drum set picture for the 1965 Leedy Catalog Page 3 "Drum Solo Outfit No. 12". This picture as well as other Leedy shots are with the Slingerland folders I have, since Slingerland owned Leedy.

Here is a shot of a tenor tymp drum. As you can see this is the actual propped drum from the studio. Notice the 2x4 running underneath and it looks like it is bolted to the drum! The stand must be a light or screen filter. A special note below from DrCJW after looking at this photo.

this is the Model #1712 12x16 tenor tymp finished in Sparkling Green Pearl - crushed glass - being photographed for the new 1962 catalog. You can see this very drum on page 38 of Catalog 63, first used in the summer of 1962. So this photo session must be from sometime earlier that year.

This is one of the factory shots. You will see very small versions on the first page of most Slingerland catalogs. So this came from an original 8 x 10 negative and it really could be poster size! It was labeled "Final Assembly of Drums" in the catalog.
This is a Slingerland Phantom drum set original photo. Of course it was in competition with the Ludwig Vistalite of the time. It was only offered in clear. I have the original negatives from different angles and original prints.
This is a Leedy "Casual Outfit" #18. The set is actually yellow and green duco and pictured on page 7 of the 1962 Catalog as well as other catalogs from Leedy.
Bud Slingerland sitting at a desk, what desk I do not know, but it looks pretty used. I see a little hint of a smile very similar to the Mona Lisa. Just kidding!, I have heard some great stories from personal friends and Slingerland endorsers.
What can I say but "Buddy Rich". This set with the TDR snare drum is such a work of art. I'll take two!! I left this image super large so you get a nice clear view.
This is the shipping department and my address is ... I have to say these are some cool rare shots at this size. Did you say you want a poster size of this?? I can have it made! With the original negative I can have it scanned to fit your wall! Look at that stack of COB snares on the floor.
This is the Leedy Frank Capp model in red sparkle. Pictured in the 1965 catalog
Leedy Broadway in Capri Pearl finish. Pictured in the 1965 catalog
Let me see, I would like to order 6 Radio Kings in different finishes, and 3 Buddy Rich sets. Please ship that too... What a great office and notice the catalogs in the foreground. Also the picture on the table is Bud's family.
What was that address again? I need to make a quick run and pick up a few things. I also have a variety of aerial shots of the building and a few other different exterior shots. This is great stuff. Any one else enjoying these pictures?? Email me.
Guess the color and year of this set and win a prize! Yep, this is the copper set from the cover of the 1973 Slingerland Catalog.
This shot is of Charlie Smith and used in magazines and other publications in the early 60's. Probably 1964.
Two styles of the Zoomatic strainer. Yep, "parts is parts" unless they can be viewed up close and in detail, then they become important historical documentation.
This is a snare set for the 50's catalogs. Page 26 of the 1955 catalog is one example.
This is the 71 catalog shot on a light box. Most of what I have is the negative that they used to make the prints. So for me to easily view them I just put them on the light board and they light up like an x-ray!
This is Slingerland endorser Jake Jerger. He was a teacher of mine and still a close friend. Recently in the hospital but recovering well and doing much better. You can read more about Jake Here. This is the cover photo to one of his books

Here is a shot of Don Osborne. Interesting in this folder is also an order for a passport!


Here he is sitting behind a set. Interestingly this is part of a larger photo shoot so I have him in a variety of poses and angles.

This is a shot from above! What more can I say. When I originally got the collection I had scanned some things for a test and found this one in a folder. I barely tapped into the pictures!
Here is what is called a proof. They set up the shot take the film and create a "quick" copy of the negative to see if they like the way the shot looks. The envelopes are filled with proofs.
Second view of above pedal. Requested by forum member.
Here is one of the parts container photos. It would be great to have a case of these on hand!
A very nice shot of all of the different wing nuts Slingerland used. This photo could really help identify parts in your wing nut collection!
Nice rail consolette photo. This is a great way to see up close what they looked like originally photographed in the 60's
This snare kit is a 50's photo and I would have really loved a snare kit like this when I was a kid.
This is a very early Brass Radio King without the snare gates. I have to ask DrCJW about this one!
Parts is parts! Not when they are at this size as pictured in the 60's. This looks like a group photo and then later they could just outline the parts they wanted to use for the catalog.

First, this is a proof and that is distinguished by the black around the photo. It was a cheaper way to get a quick look at what was photographed.

Let's see. Small knob tone control and knob. Clam Shell Strainer and parts. Snare gates for a Radio King. Two different butt sides and the top section of a 3-point strainer.

Now what do we have here? This is a hand drawn sketch by Bud Slingerland. (Maybe) he has another sketch in another folder. But this was to show the photographer at what height to set the stand to shoot it properly.
I took a double take on this one. It looks like an early stamped brass badge. Then I noticed the bottom hoop is different then the top hoop. What were they trying to pull here! Curved hoop on the top and a stick chopper on the bottom. This has to be a transition drum.

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