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This page will be a collection of the different configurations of drum sets that Sonor Drums offered over the years... As I add things this section will grow and become more detailed to help you determine what your drums are and what hardware came with them at that time...

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1975 Sonor DrumCatalog


Sonor Super Champion Double Bass Set -K 100 KS
Sonor Champion Six - K 163 KO
Sonor Champion Five - K 162/04 KR


1979 Sonor Drum Catalog

XK 984 Sonor-Phonic
XK 925 Sonor-Phonic
XK 946/1 Sonor-Phonic
XK 947/1 Sonor-Phonic
XK 9207 Sonor-Phonic Sound Machine
XK 9409 Sonor-Phonic Sound Machine
XK 9212 Sonor-Phonic Sound Machine

1991 Sonor Force 3000

Sonor Force 3000

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